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Hello, Thank you so much for your visit!
I made this site for my enjoyment and for people who are looking for unique and originial one of a kind handmade leather binders and accessories that you can find only from my shop in this world. Since it's my one person company, all things you see here are designed, handmade and handled by myself, one by one from start to finish. Because I just love and enjoy doing really anything! So I'm so glad if you happen to find the way to my little shop and found your favorite's my great joy that my items are sent to others in various place of this world and will work well or make them a little smile in their daily lives.
This site is specifically made as the "Shop section" and  a kind of "digest version" of my main site, where you can see a lot more of (but just a part of )my handiwork and interests as an artist and crafter. I just wanted to have the place where I can express myself and what I love more personally.
Please visit:
for more information about my works and the artist.
(sorry! at the momonet, it's still on the way of making. I'll finish it as soon as possible)
If you have any question about my items or ordeing process, etc.. Please feel free to contact me.
You can get in touch with me from both site.
Hope you enjoy and find your special one here from my little studio!                             Akiko Imai
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