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About my handmade binders...

 On this page, I'd like to introduce the main category & general introduction of my binders that I'm offering now.

​If you'd like to see all items in size or variation at a glance as the first thing anyway, please go to this page.


Hand dyed & Hand stitched

Vegetable tanned

Hand dyed & Vegetable tanned

for B7 pocket size, A6 Regular size

I designed and made this line from my thoughts that I'd like to make & offer binders that have wild sturdiness and feminine elegance at the same time. Also since I absolutely love particular nostalgic colors like antique or vintage stuffs (as you know, they are not always just pretty bright colors, but I love such muted neutral colors, as they always have their special taste that you can't see in modern shiny products), I wanted my binders collections to be full of such kind of my original colors. People who prefer such style may be small, but I realized that there are small numbers of people in the world who are looking for products/works that has such kind of taste. Since I'm doing my all creation on my own, I thought I would offer only what I "truly" love for such people, as I can't make tons of items for all people with various preference. So I think if you happened to have similar preference with me, my shop exists for you.

Simple, Rustic & Vegetable tanned

B7 pocket size, A6 regular size

I sometimes come across leathers that are really tasteful and have subtle colors and texture that I feel the leather itself is the art, and so it's hard to resist when I happened to find such attractive leather, so I'm using them for my simple binders line. Since the leather itself is really tasteful, I wanted the design to be as simple as possible so that I don't spoil their original beauty. So I think the binders of this line are for people who are looking for really tasteful leather binders that are just simple, practical, sturdy and steady that has nothing to do with trend or anything and they could be used for many years without getting bored.

I personally love to use such kind of items (not only binders but also things like bags or boots or anything) for many years and enjoy feeling leather's unique nature of aged texture. This line is basically unisex and fit for various style or scene.


Simple, Rustic

Hand stitched & Vegetable tanned


Old trunk, Sturdy

Hand stitched & Vegetable tanned

Old trunk, Sturdy & Vegetable tanned

B7 pocket size, A6 regular size

This is my new line that is added to my binders collection recently, but actually I personally have been using these binders for some years and I still love the design very much and enjoy using it, so I decided to add it to my collections. at first I designed it just for my enjoyment as I really love various designs of old trunks very much... be continued.

Old trunk, Sturdy & Vegetable tanned

B7 pocket size, A6 regular size

This locked diary style has been my particular design and very popular series for planner girls.

I first designed this binder over 12 years ago just for me for my enjoyment, so this is one of my earliest design of binder making. I wanted to make something special binder that I can't find anywhere else and that makes me fun whenever I opened it, and actually I enjoyed it a lot and became my favorite, so I thought it may be loved and could be a good motivation to use or carry it always to other ladies too. So I started making it in various leather in color and texture.

Since I loved and played with small decorative things like toy compacts or trinket boxes so much when I was a child, so I wanted to make a binder that reminds me of such nostalgic keep and put and carry small things that I cherish as if it's a portable treasure box. This design was born with such thoughts.

I'm mainly offering this series in my Etsy shop.


Locked  Diary

 Hand stitched  in various leather

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