handmade card holder, purple leather card holder

leather card holder, rose carpet, violet, hand dyed stitched, vegetable tanned


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This card holder features beautiful leather of lovely rose design all over, it's my favorite pattern and I named it Rose carpet. and it's vegetable tanned, very sturdy and thick leather, and I hand dyed it to dark purple/violet that consists of some color layers and the surface is a little antiqued.


Since this leather is non color/natural base, it will get tanned by aging, so it will be more tasteful color while you are using, as the whitish part for now will be much darker. This is one of the loveliest things of this item, so I really wish the owner of this item will use this card holder as long as possible.....I believe you can use it for many years if you use it with care and love. 


The plastic case has 20 pockets, also you can put some cards in the side pockets (about 8 cards each). You can use it not only for holding cards but also putting small things like stamps or stickers or pictures...it may be fun if you make it to a little collage notebook. It's up to you how you use it! This plastic case is removable, so when it's worn out after many use, you can change it to a new piece.

✳︎measurements (approximately)✳︎
10.8 cm x 7.5 cm (when it closed)


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