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ハンドメイド ヌメ革 システム手帳 バイブルサイズ

leather binder, rustic planner, dark caramel, vegetable tanned,


✳︎ made to order ✳︎
preparing time: 4-5 weeks after I received an order

This binder is made from very nice vegetable tanned leather of light tan/camel and it has very natural wild looking. The leather is robust, thick and relatively hard, but it's still bendable and the touch of the surface is smooth and very comfy, you'll feel like stroking it :-) You can expect nice aging color if you use it for long time. The texture is very tasteful with uneven crumples and natural wrinkles, so it already has a little vintage looking and it fits hands very well from the start - I suppose usually you'd be a bit hesitate to start using new planner or leather items because its too neat or hard, but this binder is easy to start using it, as you'd feel like as if you already have been using it (but it's very new of course! ) also on this leather, I like the natural things like original small scratches, so I didn't avoid using them on the cover as I think it's one of the traits of this lovely leather. The inside leather is light camel.
This binder is for somebody who is looking for a binder that is simple, robust, natural and rustic. I believe you can use it for so many years with good care and love.

My binders are 100% my hand made, hand cut (no cutter, only knife), hand stitched.
All edges are filed, trimmed and polished carefully with hard wood and cloth, this process is very time consuming, and so most of handmade binders are omitted this process and is just left as raw edges, but I value this process on my leather work as the touch is very different.

My binderers are bendable (it's not like hard bord binder) but very strong as it has a sturdy (but soft) pad inside. This pad never break like cardboard or plastic.
I put it even in the band, so it definitely doesn't get worn out easily

✳︎ measurements (approximately) ✳︎

height: 19cm
width: 13.5cm (exclude a belt)
ring size: 26mm
paper size : A6 - suitable for personal size refills

**Pocket size is also available in this design**

If you have a question, please feel free to mail me!

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