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leather binder, "rose bush", bitter brwon, mini

leather binder, "rose bush", bitter brwon, mini


✳︎ ready to ship ✳︎


- Size: mini/micro 5

- Color: green tea

- Handmade/ hand stitched/ hand dyed

- Vegetable tanned leather


✳︎ about this binder ✳︎

This is the smallest binder that I'm offering and it features the dainty and detailed roses all over, it's vegetable tanned very sturdy and thick leather, and I hand dyed it to green tea - very fresh but deep tasteful green (since I love green tea, it's about powdered green tea that's called "Maccha" and drink it really everyday, so this color is very real as it inspired me directly!) This colour/texture would be more antique looking after you use it for years, that is the enjoyable part of this kind of my binders. (If you'd like to have this original color longer without color change by aging, I can coat it that will keep the bright color much longer and it's also resist water. If you prefer it, just let me know when checking out).




The leather tasssel can be added as an optional.

Please let me know when you order if you'd like to have it.

Since this is non colored natural leather originally, you can expect it to have darker color by aging while you are using it for long time, This is one of the loveliest things of this item, so I really wish the owner of this planner use this binder as long as possible.....I believe you can use it for so many years if you use it with care and love, and the texture will be much nicer and will have natural shine with your hands oil.

So I think this planner is for a person who wants to continue using one thing as long as possible until it's completely worn out (it's my style of using things), so it may not be for a person who wants to change their belongings often despite it's not used much enough, because it takes for a while until this leather starts getting more tasteful and becomes really "yours" one.

This binder lays flat - it becomes about flat when you opened it without putting hands on it. The stitch is bees waxed.
I made a matching leather tassel with leather petals as a charm.

4 pockets. The insides are completely lined with light beige liner fabric. This linning doesn't mean only for looking, but for reinforcing the entrance and the inside of the pockets not to be stretched or get floppy.


✳︎ about all my binders ✳︎

My binderers are totally designed and handmade and hand stitched by me. They are bendable (it's not like hard board binder) but still very strong and tough as it has a sturdy (but soft) pad inside. This pad never break like cardboard or plastic. I put it even in the belt, so it doesn't get worn out easily. Also since edges and corners are not wrapped by folded leather, but are cut and polished, so it's hard to get worn out easily by scratching.


✳︎ main material✳︎

leather, metal, lining fabric


✳︎ measurements✳︎
height: 12cm / 4.8in
width: 8.8cm / 3.6in
ring size: 11mm (inner diameter)
paper size : suitable for micro5 size refills
(refills are not included)


This item is shipped by registered mail.

If you have a question, ask me through contact page.



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