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leather binder,  indigo rose, hand stitched, B7

leather binder, indigo rose, hand stitched, B7


✳︎ ready to ship ✳︎


(The leather tasssel can be added as an optional.

Please let me know if you'd like to have it.)




It has made through many various processes, and a lot of energy and time has poured into this small binder. I personally value such delicate and careful craftsmanship like old time craftsmen on my handmade, because I always admire craftsmen or artists of antique period as their attitude of making things is very pure and serious, they never cut corners to make beautiful things, so I'm always trying to be like them.  Hope my binders are found and chose by people who has same values, although nowadays fast and easy in every way may be popular style. It may be my personal preference, but I  just love things that contains a lot of artist’s or craftsman’s good energy. 


Also I think this planner is for a person who wants to continue using one thing as long as possible until it's completely worn out (it's my style of using things), so it may not be for a person who wants to change their belongings often despite it's not used much enough, because it will be much more tasteful and becomes really "yours" after using for many years.

This binder lays flat - it becomes about flat when you opened it without putting hands on it. The stitch is bees waxed.
I made a matching leather tassel with leather petals as a charm.

4 pockets. The insides are completely lined with natural linen cotton fabric. This linning doesn't mean only for looking, but for reinforcing the entrance and the inside of the pockets not to be stretched or get floppy.


✳︎ about all my binders ✳︎

My binderers are totally designed and handmade and hand stitched by me. They are bendable (it's not like hard board binder) but still very strong and tough as it has a sturdy (but soft) pad inside. This pad never break like cardboard or plastic. I put it even in the belt, so it doesn't get worn out easily. Also since edges and corners are not "wrapped" by leather, but are cut and polished, so it's hard to get worn out or damaged easily by scratching.


✳︎ main material✳︎

leather, metal, linen cotton fabric


✳︎ measurements✳︎
height: 14.5cm / 5.9in
width: 10.5cm / 4.2in
ring size: 15mm
paper size : B7- suitable for P O C K E T size refills
(refills are not included)


This item is shipped by registered mail.

If you have a question, please feel free to ask me.

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