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black quilting leather coin purse

quilting leather coin purse, onyx black, beaded coin purse


✳︎ Ready to ship ✳︎ New color ✳︎

This is one of my favorite coin purses for many years.
I have been making this design for long time in various colors for small limited numbers.

As a new color, I made it in onyx black and I think it looks very elegant and edgy, so it became my favorite!

Actually I and people around me have been using coin purses of this design for long time and people always say this is really nice and very sturdy and doesn't worn out even if they use them heavily everyday.

Since this item is quilted (by me of course) and beaded with very strongly, these process made the coin purse very sturdy. This coin purse is really not just a thin or floppy coin purse that you can find everywhere. 

I added antique gold glass beads which are double sewed with nylon thread by hand one by one very strongly and tightly, so they don't come off. We (me and other users) have been testing about it for years but it's definitely okay. The back side is same design and also beaded.

The size is large enough as a coin purse.
You can also use it for keeping key or jewelry or other small things.

The liner is linen and cotton mix fabric. Nice natural color and texture. it's also durable material.

My leather tag is sewed inside.
A leather tassel and a bell is dangling.


✳︎ material ✳︎

leather, metal, linen cotten fabric, glass beads

(The metal frame is high quality products of made in Japan)


✳︎ measurements ✳︎

- frame width: 3.2in (8cm)

- the width of the bottom: 4.4in (11cm)

- height(excludes the clasp balls): 3.2in (8cm)

- color of the frame: antique bronze


If you have a question, please feel free to ask me.

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