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leather bookmark /paisley / rose pink

leather bookmark /paisley / rose pink


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✳︎ details ✳︎

Since I love paisley shape and design very much, I wanted to make this unique bookmark. I made it with natural non colored vegetable tanned leather of paisley design, and I hand dyed and painted and add my handmade/handdyed tassel to it. Very original and unique piece that you wouldn't find anywhere but my shop!

The delicate lines are painted randomly with gold, and the leather color will be aged and even more tasteful and you will enjoy this color changing process whenever you open your books. The tassel has gold lame and it has a shiny crystal.  


Please know that all of pattern placements of this item are different as I hand made it one by one from large leather, but I always choose parts carefully by thinking the whole balance so that the all bookmark become unique and lovely. The pictured one is just a sample, so you can look forward to receiving your special one. The back is painted gold.



This item is not  made by just cutting a printed, colored leather and just adding a tassel, but after cutting the non colored leather, it is dyed, painted, vanished and polished one by one, and even the fiber tassel is also handmade and hand dyed by me.



Also since this leather is vegetable tanned, eventually the heart will get tanned and darker, so the color will be even more tasteful and you will enjoy this color changing process whenever you open your books...


✳︎ measurements ✳︎


- length 8.5cm / 3.5 in


✳︎ main material ✳︎


- leather

- fiber tassel (cotton)

- glass bead

- metal embelishments


If you have a question, please ask me from contact page.

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