leather bookmark / moon /sea green

leather bookmark / moon /sea green


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This bookmark is what I wanted to make. Since I have a very lovely natural leather with delicate paisley designs, and it has no color, so I've been using it by dying for my binders. But I was also thinking to make something small with this leather, as the design looks very pretty if I dye and paint it. And this little item was born. I thought this whimsical paisley design will match with the moon shape, and it finished exactly what I expected.


This color is blue green base. I'm listing a similar color that is more blueish (blue mist). There is a little difference between them, so please look them both. The back is painted gold.

The tassel is mint green with gold lame. This tassel is also my handmade and hand dyed.


Please know that this item is not made by just cutting a printed, colored leather and just adding a ready made tassel, but after cutting the non colored leather, it is dyed, painted, vanished and polished one by one.


Please note that the pattern placement will vary and unique for each piece,

so you can look forward to receiving your only one.


And, since this leather is vegetable tanned, eventually the heart will get tanned and darker, so the color will be lovelier and you will enjoy this color changing process whenever you open your books...


✳︎ measurements ✳︎


- length 7.7cm / 3.1 in


✳︎ main material ✳︎


- leather

- fiber tassel (cotton)

- glass bead



If you have a question, please ask me from contact page.