leather binder, russet rose, handdyed, handstitched

leather binder, russet rose, handdyed, handstitched


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About this binder


This binder features nice oiled leather of bold & elegant rose design, and I handdyed it to russet tone that is a little indescribable colors...it's beige/taupe based color with russet red - It's not brown, not red, hard to describe but I think it's very lovely color that will be in harmony with this russet color season. Especially if you love antique or old thing that has particular smorky color tone like old book, I think you will love this. The leaves are dyed into a mix of pale green with soft brownish gradation. The base is neutral beige tone. The belt closure/ pocket part/pen holder are also handdyed and a little tooled and vegetable tanned and it will get nice aging color in the future - it will be more brownish. The inside is neutral and oiled veg tanned and it will get darker by aging also. The tassel's flower are dark brown and the fringe is moss green.

Since it's oiled leather, the touch is very very nice and much more 3-D in person and it fits hands very well from the start as if it's not like new (but it's very new!), I mean it has a touch that makes you feel like you have already been cherishing it for years - I suppose you wouldn't have such feel by mass produced ro machine made items - You'll feel like stroking it, and it's relatively soft and bends well, but it's still sturdy as the leather is basically vegetable tanned and thick. The surface is really smooth and supple.

This binder lays flat - it becomes flat when you opened it without putting hands on it. The thread is bees waxed. I made a matching leather tassel with leather petals as a charm.

4 pockets. The insides are completely lined with light beige liner fabric. This linning doesn't mean only for looking, but for reinforcing the entrance and the inside of the pockets not to be stretched or get floppy.

About all my binders


My binders are totally my hand made, hand cut (I don't use any cutter, only knife), hand stitched. It's more complicated than it looks as this item actually consists of 26 pieces of leather and linning parts. So it takes many hours (some days) to complete one binder from start to finish. All edges are filed, trimmed and polished very carefully to make them very smooth.

My binders are bendable (the stiffness varies on each binder, but basically bendable and it's not like hard bord binder) but still strong as it has a sturdy (but supple) special pad inside. This pad never break or be folded like cardboard or plastic. I put it even in the band, so it doesn't get worn out easily.

~ About the binder rings ~
I use only high quality rings which close very tightly and precisely. It's attached by clutching with a metal spine which is inside the cover. It makes the binder's cover neat and strong.

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  • * Measurements (approximately) *

    Height: 14.5cm
    Width: 10.5cm
    Ring size: 15mm
    Paper size : B7- suitable for P O C K E T size refills
    (Refills are not included)