handmade patch work leather coin purse

leather coin purse, patch work leaves, earth color layers


This item is only small limited.
last 1 or 2 

The layers of leaves inspired me to design this coin purse. 
I expressed it by patchwork. they are combination of earth color tone. They are rich oiled leather and each has very tasteful texture. The leather touch is soft but it is made very sturdy so the coin purse itself is not floppy at all. I think the actual item is much better than pictures in colors and texture!


The lining is linen 100% fabric.

Two leaves and a bell are dangling.
The back is also patchworked.


✳︎ material ✳︎

leather, metal, linen fabric

(The metal frame is high quality products of made in Japan)


✳︎ measurements ✳︎

- frame width: 3.2inches(8cm)
- the width of the bottom: 4.4inches(11cm)
- height(excludes the clasp balls): 3.2inches(8cm)
- color of the frame: antique bronze



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